E120 || Annette Leslie || Life is Hard, God is Good, and the Glory is Coming

January 30, 2023 Season 4 Episode 4
E120 || Annette Leslie || Life is Hard, God is Good, and the Glory is Coming
Show Notes

This week Kevin and Stewart have the privilege of sitting down with Annette Leslie, the co-founder of the Carson Leslie foundation.  Following the earthly loss of her beloved son Carson, she set out on a mission to honor his last whispered wish and has relentlessly sought solutions to the horrific problem that brain cancer is the deadliest disease of our nation’s children.

We talk a little backstory, a lot about Carson, the mission of the foundation, and the ways the construction industry as poured in to the foundation, including DPR's annual hosting of the upcoming 7th Annual Hoot & Holler Benefit Concert. 

You're going to love the story, be wowed by Carson's wisdom, inspired by the mission of the foundation, and moved to find a space to participate.

One way to participate is by joining us for the Hoot & Hollar; tickets are still available at dprhootandholler.com.

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Follow Me, by Carson Leslie

An Evening Under the Stars

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